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Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage efficiently treats injuries by removing blockages and damaged cells, speeding up recovery and encouraging complete healing. It can create positive results across a wide range of people and conditions and it assists in a medical, rehabilitation or remedial therapy programmes.  Those who participate in sports of any kind can help improve their performance or ease any aches or pains from training. 



Specialised Pregnancy and Post-natal Massage

Massage during pregnancy and also after giving birth can relieve aches and pains that one might think are a normal part of the process, but they don't have to be.  Using technique, personal compassion, and a thorough understanding of the physical effects of pregnancy and caring for a new born, each treatment is individually based on your needs and goals at the time, whether pain relief or relaxation.



Integrative Manual Therapy 


Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a non-invasive, holistic therapy that uses the hands to support the body's innate healing capacity and considers all aspects of the body (organs, muscles, blood vessels, membranes and nerves).  Using both traditional and specialized diagnostic skills, IMT practitioners identify the different layers of dysfunction contributing to the individual's problems, to work with the primary cause, not just the symptoms.  


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